Only recently have I started to write about music, but it has definitely always been a passion of mine. I've always loved going to big concerts or smaller gigs, and anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I wax lyrical about my favourite bands 24/7, so I thought I'd change my blog around a bit to accommodate music too.

I'm lucky enough to have seen some pretty amazing bands live over the past few years, as well as seeing both my favourite bands - The Script and The Killers - several times each. For me, seeing live music is just as great as seeing live football, and it's something I really enjoy doing.

I've seen many number of bands live, but my favourite definitely has to be The Script and The Killers. No one I've seen so far can compare to those two live.

I have a varied music taste. My real love lies in alternative/rock/indie but I'll listen to anything; from Jamie T to Passenger; Biffy Clyro to Mumford and Sons.

love intimate gigs, but at the same time I also love seeing bands at arenas because they really show how far they've come. My favourite gigs I've been to are The Script at the O2 Academy in Islington because it was just so intimate and you felt so close to them, and The Killers at Wembley Stadium; this is definitely my favourite and it really was something special to be part of.

I'm a fan of lyrics, which is what I believe makes great music. I tend not to listen to boy bands because I don't have any emotional connection with their songs. 'She walks like Rihanna' and 'we danced all night to the best song ever' is great if you're in to those kind of things I guess, but for me nothing beats something like 'with magic soaking my spine/can you read my mind?' The power and beauty in words such as those are why I am in love with music.

Just a few of the acts I've seen live. The Killers, The Script, Snow Patrol and Jamie T

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