Saturday, 24 April 2010

a letter

dear players and coaching staff of birmingham city football club

this season has been one of the best in a long time. you know it, we know it, everyone knows it. we've broken club records, been on an amazing unbeaten run, and got within touching distance of wembley. we confirmed safety from relegation by the end of february and we've been in the top half of the table for months on end now.

every single one of you, the players and staff, has contributed to what a great and successful season we have had, you have all excelled yourselves, and you have surpassed everyones expectations of our club. everyone had us certs for relegation at the start of the season, and now look what we've achieved. they've certainly all stepped back and realised the potential of newly promoted clubs.

but, with three games left, we as fans ask just one more thing of you to top off the amazing season we have already had, and that is beat the villa tomorrow.

i don't care how you do it, i don't care if the ball deflects in off cameron jerome's arse in the first minute and we cling on until full time. i don't care if, like in the liverpool game, liam ridgewell's penis guides the ball into the net. i don't care. all us blues fans are asking for, is that you replace five years of hurt with 90 minutes of joy. the other two games we have left after that? none of us care about them right now. all we ask, is for you to do what you've done all season, again, and prove everyone wrong. again.

put your bodies on the line, run your f*cking b*llocks off, do everything that you can to ensure when that full time whistle goes tomorrow, it's the little pocket of 2,300 blues fans celebrating their heads off. and 45,000+ claret and blue w*nkers booing their team off the pitch.

good luck, we know you can do it.

love from, fans of birmingham city football club

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