Saturday, 17 April 2010

no excuses, we were poor

we created pretty much nothing all game, look to have run out of ideas and most, if not all, players are firmly on 'holiday mode' - i am scared about playing aston villa next week, the only thing keeping me from hibernating for a week and waking up after the game on the 25th, is knowing that at least we have something to play for against villa; local pride, 3 points, 'getting our own back' - that sort of thing.

today, we had pretty much nothing to play for other than keep our incredible home form intact - which we did, admittedly, but everything else we did today, or what we didn't do i should say, was very poor indeed. jimmy bullard ran the hull midfield, he'd be a brilliant guy to have in your team if only he wasn't injured half the time! and although it was 'two points dropped,' if anyone deserved to win that, hull did.

they had a fair bit of the possession in the first half, but neither side made much or had many chances. the best chance of the half, and in the end it turned out to be the best chance of the game, fell to hull, only to be denied by a brilliant save by joe hart - how many times have we said that this season. other 'good' chances in the first half fell few and far between, but a long range shot by james mcfadden that was just over, and also a good shots by bowyer and fahey were both saved by hull 'keeper matt duke.

the second half, arguably, was worse than the first. hull probably made more chances, however thankfully, you just couldn't seen them putting any of them away. that, or they we're either offside or playing basket ball (not that the referee noticed..) that last comment brings me onto the referee - mark clattenburg. now i'm never one to blame referees, and in this game i don't lame him; our performance made us drop the points. however he might as well of put on an orange shirt and joined the hull midfield for all he did; he didn't pick up the handballs, he gave everything hull's way; for example when a hull player practically jumped on jerome's back, who got the freekick? who do you think. another incident just before this involved jerome again, and hull city player mcshane, who decided he wanted to jump onto jerome's back - resulting in jerome being penalized for.. well, just being there i think.

anyway, now that's out of the way.. the rest of the game was a bit of a uphill struggle. neither team looked like scoring, or creating anything in all fairness. it was a very poor game. phillips was introduced for the home side but didn't get much of the ball to work his magic.

the game also pretty much answered the will he won't he scenario regarding chucho and if we will buy him - we are not going to buy him. this would've been the perfect game for him to play in, but he was left on the bench and didn't play any part in the game. i'm in two minds about whether we should buy him: on one hand he doesn't score and is too lightweight, but on the other his link up play is great and he has either created or been part of the vast majority of our goals this season. but it seems the negatives outweigh the positives and we won't see much more of chucho.

it seems to be a disappointing end to what has been a fantastic season, but we've still got three games left, one of which is a local derby so there is alot to play for there, another against a team we could quite possibly relegate with a win, and the last game of the season is pretty much party time for both teams.

full time: birmingham 0-0 hull

lets not let this season fizzle out blues, or at least lets beat the villa next week!

next up; aston villa away - 25/04/10

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