Monday, 10 May 2010

the end of another season..

yesterday marked the last game of the premier league season. safe by christmas, blues finished the season in ninth place on 50 points; their best finish in fifty one years. ninth place. fifty points. fifty one years. and everyone said we'd get relegated...

the 4,200 blues fans that made the trip down to bolton created a brilliant part atmosphere. blues played a 4-5-1 formation, which somewhat confused the traveling fans. however blues started the slightly brighter team, creating a couple of chances in the first few minutes.

in all fairness, i'm not going to write much about the game because it was very much an end of season affair, that lived up to the little expectations that were set before the game - i.e it wasn't exactly the most exciting of games. bolton's first goal came courtesy of some questionable birmingham defending, their second a work of art from loanee weiss, finished off by another loanee klasnic.

blues' goal came from a strange decision from the referee, in fact most of mr. friend's decisions in the game were.. silly, actually. i can't think of another word for it - i'm sure roger johnson could think of a few though.. but the penalty, well i'm glad he gave it, but chucho was never going to get the ball, sure he was 'impeded' or whatever, but still.. also, he was abit yellow card happy all afternoon; handing out seven yellow cards in a game that meant nothing to either side, and blowing up everytime a little thing happened. whatever happened to letting play run.

anyway, james mcfadden, being the sentimental little so and so that he is handed the ball to chucho to let him take the penalty. we all knew he'd miss it. we were begging him to score, but we all knew in our hearts that he'd miss it.. good job our actual penalty taker was there to slot in the (second) rebound.

and of corse, the last game of the season isn't complete without a funny story to tell afterwards: 'pamela anderson' broke away from the blues fans and made a beeline for chucho, shook his hand, and ran all the way up to joe hart; gave him a little dance and hugged him. it was the funniest thing i have seen in a long time, i just feel sorry for chucho the poor man must've been scared for his life! 'pamela' received a standing ovation from the whole ground as s/he was escorted away by the police - and escaped only with a caution! take a bow.

i wouldn't call it a disappointing end to the season. some of the stuff we played yesterday, some of the little flicks, and the build up to our disallowed goal was brilliant. it was a joy to watch, it really was. it was a shame we didn't win, or even draw, but it was still a brilliant day.

it was emotional too; the players came over to applaud the fans at full time. i can safely say alot of people had a tear in their eye, more so when hart came over. some people say he cried, i don't know i was quite far back, but walking away from 4,200 blues fans chanting your name.. i'd find it quite hard to hold back tears if i was him.

beforehand, i'd only ever cried over one player when he left us (robbie savage, you absolute arsehole) but with a lump in my throat, i watched joe hart walk away from us, and when he went to hug dave watson, i had to wipe my eyes a little bit. he's become an honorary blues fan; someone we'll never forget, etc. but really, it was an honour to have him play for us, and i wish him the best of luck at manchester city, and for the future: for england.

thank you for such a brilliant season blues, ninth place; i never would've thought it. you all deserve a nice long holiday, and then come august you'll have it all to do again. i think this season has proved that you should never right teams off; us and wolves have proved all doubters wrong, both in some style might i add.

keep right on and thank you blues.

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