Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Que sera sera...

At 90 minutes, we were out of the Carling Cup. At 91 minutes, we were back in it again. It's strange how football works, because if teams that deserved to win actually won, we wouldn't have equalised in the 91st minute to send the game to extra time. As it is, not everyone gets what they deserve in football.

To say Brentford were the better team throughout the first ninety minutes would be an understatement. We honestly didn't turn up at all. O'Connor and Derbyshire are probably still in the back pockets of the Brentford defence, and our own defence is lucky that 1. most of Brentford's shots were wide of the mark, and 2. (and no one normally says this) that Maik Taylor was in goal behind them.

The best of a bad bunch was probably Michel, who got man of the match for Blues. It has been mentioned before that he is being moulded into Barry Ferguson, as he is a good passer and distributor of the ball like Barry himself. Michel played well in midfield; won lots of headers, played intelligent passes, and for a Spaniard he doesn't half get stuck in. I was impressed with him. Shame I can't really say that about many of the others. Especially Lee Bowyer, who had an absolute mare, to then go and and sky his penalty - which pretty much summed up his night.

Another special mention needs to go to Nathan Redmond. Although at times he got caught up a bit in play, you can tell what a great player he is going to be. He has pace, skill and agility, and with the crowd getting behind the young lad, there is only one way he is going to go - and that is up.

Kevin Phillips' equaliser, after Sam Wood put the away side ahead, knocked the stuffing out of Brentford, and it was clear that in extra time they were happy to settle for the lottery that is the penalty shoot out. And they got it.

I didn't know Scott Dann and Stephen Carr were penalty takers, but I would let them take them again and again after their efforts last night. Craig Gardner and Kevin Phillips also slotted theirs away like true professionals calm under pressure, and with a smart save by Maik Taylor for Brentford's last penalty, Blues wrapped up the win and booked a place in the last eight of the competition.

Credit goes to Brentford FC - their players and their fans - they took the game to us and almost won. Their fans were brilliant throughout and I honestly wish them the best of luck for the rest of the season. I spoke to David Hunt, one of their players, on Twitter this morning; congratulating him on how well his team played and how unlucky they were. He is a credit to his team as he replied back, and wished Blues good luck. I will keep an eye out for their results this season, as if they play their league games like they played last night, I have a feeling they will do very well indeed.

Three games away from Wembley kids. Three games.

Full Time: Birmingham City 1-1 Brentford (4-3 on penalties AET)


  1. Nice match report Nat. Fair and well written. I'm still totally gutted (I think you may have guessed that) that we didn't hang on, but it was a great night. Our lads did so well for 92 minutes until Kevin Phillips broke my heart again. He did it before in an FA cup 5th round reply for Southampton a few years back. I think he hates me! :(

    Woodo's goal was quality, fit to grace a Premiership stage, as were the mental scenes behind that goal in the moments after. I'll never forget that! Had a feeling we'd lose the penalties after winning the two shoot-out's we've had so far this season. Our luck was bound to run out eventually.

    Fair play to the Blues though. They kept going right to the end and it's clear you've got some real quality in your squad. You're right about Redmond, he looks to have a very bright future.

    Good luck in the next round, I'm sure you'll do well. After all if you can beat the mighty bees you can beat anyone! ;)

    I love watching my local club pitting themselves against top opposition. These occasions don't come around very often for us lower league fans, so when they do, you have to enjoy them. I'm sure over three thousand traveling bees fans did just that. It would have been that little bit sweeter if we could have held on but hey... Que sera sera! :)


  2. Thank you! :) I know, Phillips has a tendency to break many hearts... not that I'm moaning about it :P

    Yep, it was a great goal, watched it again today on the Blues website, it was really well taken :) Wow, three penalty shoot outs this season... I could only just about handle yesterday!

    Thank you - I think we played better when Zigic came on, and in extra time when Ferguson came on, he just keeps the game flowing. And fingers crossed yeah, he's only 16 so he's got a long way to go yet, but he looks class from what we've seen of him.

    Thanks again! Haha, don't big yourself up too much ;)

    Aww, you all looked like you had such a great time, I'm sorry we broke your hearts but I guess that's football. We've had it done to us many, many times in the past!

    Thank you for commenting!

  3. No problem. I enjoyed reading it. :)

    Zigic did make a difference. As our manager said in his press conference; "The guy's a monster to play against." He did miss a sitter in extra time, our keeper made a good save but he should have buried that header. Ferguson's a good player. He's proved that over the years. As has Phillips... He's been one of the best finishers I've seen over his career. He definitely should have played more games for England in my opinion.

    As for bigging the bees up... Why not? I'm so proud of them! :)

    Good luck at the weekend too. I know you want to win that one! ;)

  4. Aww thanks! At least I know what person has read it haha :)

    Yep, didn't think I'd be saying that a few weeks ago, but the past few games he seems to have got into his stride and started playing well. Oh God yeah, he really should have scored that header!

    Yeah, Ferguson is a brilliant player, he keeps everything ticking over. And as for Phillips, definitely, I was surprised he lasted 120 minutes though haha!

    Haha too right, we were great and you should be extreemly proud of them!

    Thanks, good luck to you too! Haha yeah just a bit!