Sunday, 12 December 2010

There's no point defending the defenceless

Part of what makes a good fan is admitting when your team played absolutely awful, and being able to admit that you didn't deserve anything. We were very bad today. It bordered on the embarrassing seeing as it was a local derby against a team in the bottom three at the moment. I can't begin to describe the degrading feeling of standing there while the Southbank to the left of us taunted us like crazy. It was embarrassing. I wanted to get out of there quick time. And Blues made that happen, so basically, this blog is just going to be a big fat moan - something which I'm sure Wolves fans will enjoy reading, then!

We lacked just about everything really. From passion to bottle, and even to ability to get the ball in the box. The only player that the blame can't be heaped on to is Ben Foster because he did everything that was asked of him today and wasn't really at fault for the goal either. As for the rest of them; Scott Dann had arguably his worst performance in a Blues shirt, Keith Fahey was none existent, and if Seb Larsson really wants a new contract then that was not the way to go about it.

At one point in the match I nearly put out a call to the police as to the whereabouts of the Birmingham City midfield. They went missing for 90 minutes today. Even Barry Ferguson just couldn't get into the game, and he's been excellent recently and he's key to us keeping the ball so well like we so often do. It was horrible to watch, and t was one of those games where you could tell after about ten minutes that it just wasn't going to be your day. There was a moment in the match which summed it up, and it's pictured below. We were fighting a losing battle, and a say 'fighting' very, very lightly; because there wasn't much of that today either.

Nikola Zigic. God love him. He may be a hero, but he is like bambi on ice out there at times. Like with Peter Crouch, it's hard to watch him sometimes because you're scared that he'll break a leg, or fall over them. One of the two. Anyway, he did the latter today quite a bit. Cameron Jerome had one of the most uninspiring performances ever today, but it didn't really help that he had next to no service from the midfield.

It really was an awful, awful day and game of football. And one of the main things to come out of today's game was the lack of character shown by the Blues players. It's McLeish's favourite trait in our team, and God knows we've shown it so any times over the past year and a bit, but today we just didn't have it at all. It went missing, like a lot of our players did today, and maybe someone should have told them beforehand that they were playing in a Midlands derby, not a friendly against a league 2 side. Because that's how they played: no fight, no nothing.

Right, enough of the negatives and onto the positives. Well, positive. Like mentioned before: Ben Foster is great. Caught a lot of crosses and corners, and made a few good saves too. The only person today who can come out with any credit, because frankly, had it not been for him we would have lost by a lot more than just the one goal.

And finally, I hate doing this, but credit to Wolves. They were everything today that we were not, and although they weren't brilliant, they showed a lot of character (ooh, there's that word again!) and a lot of determination. What it came down to today was wanting to win the game, and they wanted it a hell of a lot more than us.

Full Time: Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 Birmingham City

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