Friday, 20 May 2011

Believe In Blues

Standing amongst the few that stayed behind after the game for the lap of honour last Sunday, the news that came to us from the Wigan game was not good. Wigan had scored a last minute winner. It felt like the world was at an end. That's it. We were done for. The writing was on the wall and we were going to be relegated this time next week. But now, as I write this, I have a renewed sense of optimism that I always knew was there, it just took a while to come to the surface.

I don't know if it's confidence as much as it is optimism, or just blind passion and spirit; something that unites us as a fan base in the continued support of our club. Amongst all the pessimism surrounding Birmingham City at the moment, there's that little grain of optimism that keeps us going. Keeps us believing. It's all stacked against us. Even sitting outside the relegation zone we are the out of form team. The Carling Cup winners poised for a Premier League exit. But still we will flock to White Hart Lane; be sat in front of the television; be listening to the radio; be sitting in a dark room with headphones in waiting until it is all over: all in the hope that something really, really special will happen, just like it did in our last 4pm kick off in London.

We had our chances and it was in our hands. But now it is going to take some luck for us to stay in the Premier League, something that we lack a hell of a lot of. We're not only relying on ourselves to put on a good performance, but we're also counting on Stoke and United to do the business in their games. There's plenty of scenarios so I won't bore you with by taking you through them all because there really is so many. But the one that stands out is win and we stay up. Because our goal difference is better - only slightly mind you - but it is better than that of Wigan and Blackpool, and it really would take some cruel twist of fate to get relegated should we win against Spurs.

Many have already conceded defeat, starting thinking ahead to life in the Championship. I tried it but, believe me, it doesn't work. Because there is something that won't let me just give up on Birmingham City. My heart won't allow it and it's also a defeatist attitude that doesn't belong at our club, not after what we've achieved over the past couple of seasons anyway. Fight, battle and passion are three characteristics this team has in abundance. Who would have thought we'd go 15 games unbeaten on our return to the Premiership? Who would have imagined we'd not only get to a cup final, but win it by beating one of the best sides in the country at Wembley? So what's to say we can't defy the odds again? What's to say we can't go out there Sunday, pick up a result and get results go our way elsewhere too?

And when have you ever known us to do things the easy way? This is Birmingham City we're talking about. It's almost like they do it on purpose just to test the hearts of the faithful. Just to make it even more special when they manage to defy the odds and do it. Just like they've done before.

Forget everything else that has happened this season. Don't question what would have happened if we had managed to do this, or not conceded that goal or scored the other. There's no point blaming the cup run or some external force either. None of that matters because you can't change the past – no matter how much we want to! What matters is Sunday; what matters is giving the players phenomenal support in the hope of getting something in return.

They build you up, they let you down but if this season has taught us Blues fans anything, it's that that do reward us too. Just every once in a while. And I've got a brilliant feeling that Sunday will be one of those times.

It can be done.

Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it.”

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