Thursday, 16 June 2011

An Eventful Week In The Midlands

Amid Alex McLeish talking to Randy Lerner, online protests from adamant fans, hilarious little gatherings at Villa park and Craig Gardner making some rather questionable remarks; Blues have made another addition to the squad.

Morgaro Gomis, formally of Dundee United, completed his free transfer to the club today and will join the rest of the players when they resume training in a few weeks time. As a midfielder, Gomis played over 100 times for Dundee and has described his move to Blues as "a dream." Maybe someone should mention to him that this is the Blues of Birmingham, rather than the Blues of Chelsea!

By ways of players leaving the club, nothing else has been set in stone yet, however there are rumours that Barry Ferguson will follow McLeish in leaving the club, presumably to follow him to Aston Villa - should the Scot take up the vacant managers position there.

Elsewhere, Craig Gardner's comments have been a talking point this week, as the midfielder told Tom Ross that the Premier League is the place to be and mentioned he is "a Blues player at the moment" but he does have "a family to support," suggesting that however many thousand a week he is on clearly is not enough to support a wife and a new born baby. It just brings up the debate about money in football, and the fact players' loyalties can be bought - even self-proclaimed fans of the club - just for the sake of a few more thousand pounds per week and the promise of Premier League football. Stay and be a hero at the club he has always supported, or earn a bit more in the Premier League at a mid-table club? Your choice Craig.

Of course the one major talking point of the week that cannot be ignored is Alex McLeish. The Villa fans have certainly made it clear what they think about him managing their club, and that's that they do not want him there. The protests from the minority of their fans outside Villa Park yesterday highlighted their frustrations furhter, and it is clear to see that there will be major problems should McLeish be appointed manager - something which seems more and more possible as the days progress.

As a Blues fan, our sole concentration now should be on who we appoint as a manager and I'm putting my faith in the board to make the right decision. It's a new beginning for Blues now and it could possibly be the fresh start we need. Hopefully.

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