Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Isle of Wight Festival

It didn’t take me long after arriving in the Isle of Wight to seriously question myself as to why I had never been to a festival before. A few drinks and a dance to the Happy Mondays later – the first of many great bands I was going to see over the next few days – and I was kicking myself for never doing this before. I can deal with no showers, portaloos and muddy fields because they are the only downsides of festivals. Good company, live music, and surprisingly good weather made for a weekend I’ll never forget, and here are some personal highlights…

Best Performance
This has to be Bastille. I knew acts like The Stone Roses, The Killers et al would be good, but I didn’t expect such a great performance from this band. I knew they were good, but that good? They were superb. Lead singer Dan Smith mentioned how only two years ago they’d played at the Strongbow Tent (which for those who don’t know is a small little beer garden type place with a little stage) now they had a slot on the main stage with thousands upon thousands of people singing their songs back to them. They were completely blown away, and so were we.

Bastille. Image: Twitter

Surprisingly Enjoyed
There are a handful of acts we saw that could fall into this category, artists and bands I didn’t really think I’d enjoy, but live music does have its ways and means of convincing you otherwise. Bonnie Raitt who rocks out like she’s still in her twenties and Laura Mvula who has an absolutely stunning voice to name just two, both at different ends of the spectrum, that I really enjoyed watching.

I’d definitely see again
Fun. They were brilliant, so enjoyable and a great sing along. They just make you happy, I don’t know what it is but they just do. They have the perfect name for the band they are and they were brilliant. They were on my list of bands I had to see while I was there and if I ever get the chance I’ll most definitely go and see them again.

Moment that made me really happy
It’s always great seeing The Script because they never disappoint, but when they were going off stage and people around me began chanting ‘one more song!’ it filled me with pride and made me grin like an idiot. They will always be my favourite band and I’m so happy with how far they’ve come over the years all off their own back. Hard work and dedication does pay off, and when you have a slot on the main stage just before Bon Jovi, I think it’s safe to say you’ve made it.

The Script. Image: Twitter

New band alert!
Walking through the campsite on Friday and we were stopped by a group of very good looking men (I’m so not shallow). It turned out they were a band called Fella, who gave us wristbands for their slot at the Strongbow Tent on Sunday. So the day came and we went along to see what they were like, and they were actually really very good! I got a copy of their EP and it’s been on repeat since I got home, I urge you to check them out on Twitter, Facebook or their website. Anyone who knows me well enough will know I was gutted when Kid British, the up and coming band I really loved split up, so I have definitely decided to adopt Fella as my new band!

Highlight of the weekend
My friends and I were in unanimous agreement, without a doubt, that the highlight of the whole weekend was The Killers. They were completely forgiven for keeping us waiting around for twenty minutes or so by bursting onto stage with Mr. Brightside. Everyone went mental and it was one of the moments that will stick with you for the rest of your life; if you were there, you’re never going to forget it. A set filled with their hits mixed with songs off their newest album Battle Born left everyone wanting more. Every part of my body ached, and when we got back to our tent we collapsed, but it was the type of night where if they’d have played one more song, I would have still had enough energy in me to dance, jump and sing along.

I'll definitely be looking to do another festival again next year, but it'll have to be pretty good to top the weekend I've just had! Thank you Isle of Wight, you definitely did not disappoint.

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