Friday, 19 July 2013

Review: Bipolar Sunshine - Aesthetics EP

Fresh from the split of Mancunian band Kid British in 2012, Adio Marchant hasn’t taken long to come back onto the music scene with his new solo project Bipolar Sunshine.

Although a completely different sound from that of his former band, the superb songwriting skills are still ever present in Adio’s debut EP ‘Aesthetics' which oozes summer. Think back garden, good friends and a few drinks and this is the type of music you play.

Opening with 'Rivers', the repeated lyrics ‘been low, but I’ve been higher’ strike a chord and stick in your head while the drumming gives a real upbeat feel to the strong opening track, the definite highlight of a powerful debut EP.

'Fire' brings about a more mellow sound. The incorporation of talking in the middle of the track allows for a unique feel, addressing common relationship problems to make the repeated chorus relatable.

Adio’s lyrical ability is again heavily showcased in final track of the three-song-strong EP. 'Blossom' has a more futuristic sound and is accompanied by a heavy bass, yet still keeps the summer vibes and ends the EP on a strong note.

True to the name Bipolar Sunshine all three songs have completely different elements and fluctuate through different moods, yet they are equally as powerful and maintain a summer anthem. If the EP is anything to go by, I can’t wait to hear what the whole album has in store.

'Aesthetics' EP is available on iTunes for £1.79 and 'Rivers' is currently iTunes' 'Single of the Week' and can be purchased for free.

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