Thursday, 25 March 2010

i cannot believe we did it again

actually, scrap that, i can. because this is birmingham city were talking about; we are no arsenal, chelsea or manchester united. we are blues, and we never get everything perfect.

i didnt get to watch the game online because i was babysitting (the only perk of the night was that i earned £20 doing that!) but i was flicking between sky sports news and the fa cup replay between spurs and fulham. but what i picked up were..

- we need to remember that when the referee blows the whistle, the game has actually started

- possession may be great, but if nothing is created by it, then its useless

- and whilst watching the spurs game seeing pav net yet another wonderful goal, it reminded me of what we dont have; a prolific striker. just to be number one on the list for the summer, surely?

anyway, back to the game...
so, yet again we conceded in the first few minutes (courtesy of david dunn, who is now injured. again. astonishing, that.) surely this must be some kind of record now? for us anyway. we seem to be reverting back to what we were like at the start of the season, slow off the mark. but this time; weve not got as much will-power to get it back. we are running out of steam, and everybody can see it, thats why teams are exploiting us from the off - they get the early goal, they, more than likely get something out of the game. simple.

sure, we got one back. another pieces of magic from james mcfadden just before the hour mark. and we had a lot, well most of, the possession, but all you kept hearing was 'blues have the possession, but are yet to trouble the keeper' - and thats why we arent winning games (combined with the fact that we seem to be only starting to play when were 1-0 down).

inevitably, david (refuses the urge to swear) dunn got the winner for blackburn, and the game petered out to a 2-1 win for the home side. and blues marched on to another possession-filled failure of a game.

but were safe, were 9th in the league, and were on 44 points. so what is there to moan about, eh?

next up; arsenal at home - 27/03/10

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