Sunday, 21 March 2010

a game of two halves

and yesterday, it really was.

blues defied the odds.. and went 2-0 down. in the first half. no, in the first 20 minutes. again. im not quite sure why, or how, weve managed to do this two games in a row now, but evidently, the team seem to be still in the dressing room during the first half an hour.

we picked up after we conceded the second, even the commentators on the stream i was watching were saying they knew we'd get back into it. and with another cameron jerome goal, in the second half, we did - michel fed a beautiful ball through for jerome to run onto and cammy produced a beautiful shot and a goal.

the first half was sunderland's. but the second half was very much birmingham's; and we would've got it back to 2-2, if not going onto win the game, if it weren't for my, and most others, man of the match: sunderland goalkeeper craig gordon. now, he was brilliant last week against manchester city. i wasnt sure if it was a fluke but it apparently wasnt, as numerous times yesterday he kept his team in the game.

it annoyed me at first (that he was so good) but then i thought; joe hart has kept us in so many games this season! and it made me feel better, especially because we dont need the points as much as we thought we would at this point in the season! but it wouldve been nice to have won.

i also just want to thank the sunderland fans for the brilliant reception they gave kevin phillips. the whole ground, home and away fans, all standing singing his name is something im sure meant so, so much to him.

a brilliant second half performance by blues, now can we incorporate that into the first half aswell?

next up; blackburn away - 24/03/10

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