Sunday, 14 March 2010

look up 'comeback' in the dictionary..

..and you'd probably find;

1. the act of making up a deficit, as in a contest or game, or
2. a return to a former higher rank

however im not talking about either of those definitions. in the world of football, namely 13th march 2010, the word comeback was used to describe birmingham city. and their comeback was simply magnificent.

it felt odd being 0-2 down at home after 22 minutes, and when cameron jerome pulled one back, i think we realised 'oh, shit yeah. were playing football' and we kicked on.

now i have to admire everton, the way they pass the ball about and create attacks is sublime. they kept us out for most of the first half, and most certainly outplayed us. however, the second half was another story.

this half was birmingham's. they were the ones passing the ball around the oppostiion, they were the ones doing neat little tricks, flicks and one twos, and the route one football (hart to jerome to gardner to goal) was nothing short of fantastic.

in my opinion, a 2-2 draw was deserved by both teams; everton had the first half, blues had the second. and im delighted with that comeback, that performance, those goals, and most importantly, with the way we were on par with a team that finishes in the top 10 season after season, if not the top 7.

we still don't know how to give up, do we?
next up; sunderland away - 20/03/10

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