Sunday, 28 March 2010

my first post..

..on here, was about how i probably wouldnt use this much, but i really enjoy doing blogs on here :) it kind of helps me cause i wanna be a sports journalist, or something like that, when im older - i love writing and i love sports, so pretty good career i think :P but i know its hard to get into and get a break, so im doing match blogs on here just to practice really.

i want to say thank you for the positive comments ive received about my blogs :) its nice to know people actually read what i write haha. my first match blog was a few games ago and it was really short, but now i cant seem to stop writing! i wish id started them from the start of the season but i didnt know about this website then, but i'll continue to do them for the few remaining games and then for next season aswell :)
i just want to say congratulations, again, to super kevin phillips for getting the 250th goal of his career yesterday against arsenal - well done kev :)

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