Sunday, 4 April 2010

well wasn't that nice

the comeback kings strike again, liam ridgewell saves the day again, etc. you get the jist: birmingham city once again came from behind to get a point, and a point which was probably deserved too.

only two things on interest happened in the first half and it gave me time to figure something out aswell. the first thing that happened was fernando torres spent most of his time sunbathing on the floor. brilliant. he didn't do much else, kuyt was the one i was more impressed with. the next thing was the only real save joe hart had to make in the first half, and what a save it was! maxi shot from close range and it looked like a certain goal, until joe hart pawed it away with a hand for it to hit the crossbar and he jumped up to collect it again. cue: 'england's number one' and a standing ovation from the tilton road end.

and oh yes, the thing i realised; liverpool play very boring football. many people that sit near me commented on this, i come home and it's stated on forums and message boards, and i also got a text from my friend about how boring they were. they pass from side to side. all the time. side. to. side. why? it is quite effective, i'll give them that, but i just would not want to pay to see that every week.. and secondly, they're really quite slow. not the players, i don't think, but just the style of play is slow, (hense why it's boring) until you get to the two upfront. torres and kuyt are good, skillful and quick - i was particularly impressed with kuyt who seemed to be doing most of the running and getting into good positions. torres? not so much. i wasn't suspired when he got substituted, i was surprised however when i got home to find out that liverpool fans were outraged with the substitution.

but the rest of the team were slow, and we succumbed to their style of play in the first half, which was disappointing as we work better at a fast tempo, as it showed when we attacked, because our midfield outran theirs. it was pretty clear that liverpool had come here to get a goaland then defend the points, that was quite easily sussed out. and thats pretty much all that happened in the first half, believe me, match of the day won't be showing much of it.

half time: birmingham 0-0 liverpool

after all that excitement (err) i wasn't much looking forward to the second half. but apparently liverpool were, as they scored after just two minutes: johnson's wayward shot found it's way to steven gerrard - of all the people a ball could fall to in the six yard box, you do not want it to be steven gerrard - and of corse, he scored, what was a very good goal indeed i must say.

blues then woke up, and the fans started to get behind them more as they started to attack more. it was clear that some point we were going to get a goal back, and it came in the 56th minute, with a looping cross from james mcfadden which was turned into the net from not even a yard out by liam ridgewell's midriff. yes, we had a nose last week, and now we have a...

anyway. blues deserved that goal, i would say, in my totally not biased opinion.. and for the rest of the game, it kind of fizzled out into liverpool's style of play, i.e i pretty much wanted to claw my own eyes out. no, i'm kidding, it wasn't that bad; it was quite frustrating really. because liverpool had most of the possession, shots, etc. but our defence could cope with it reasonably well, and when we broke, we broke fast, and you could see us going on to get the winner. and we nearly did, when lee bowyer missed from about 2 yards out with what looked like a simple tap in.

during the second half, you could hear a few rounds of 'cheat cheat cheat' coming from the gil merrick as liverpool players warmed up, and it didn't take many guesses to figure out who exactly was warming up; yes, the pantomime villain of the fixture: david n'gog, who was being reminded of how much of a cheating w... person he was in the reverse fixture in november. he got an ear full of it when he got substituted on aswell and 'he's gonna dive in a minute' rung around the ground whenever he touched the ball.

it was a good performance by blues, and let us not forget: we are unbeaten at home against the top six sides, and that is nothing short of amazing; liam ridgewell with another goal, barry ferguson with another man of the match performance, jerome's first touch is improving with some neat little touches and passes throughout the game, another good team performance and smiles all round from the blues fans! or dancing, if you're name is joe hart..

full time: birmingham 1-1 liverpool (gerrard 37, ridgewell 56)

i told you we'd do it. now bring on the richest club in the world..

next up; manchester city away; 11/04/10

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