Sunday, 11 April 2010

the annual tonking of the season

well it's not surprising that we lost given manchester city's home record, but to lose 5-1? just where did it all go wrong, or did it? i'm still trying to figure out if man city were that good or if we were that bad. i think i've come to the decision it was neither.

man city started well with possession, but we seemed to be defensively intact as ever, and any threat was blocked off by our solid defence. the city fans seemed slightly restless, and i learnt after the game that they really were. that was until mr adebayor came along.. he tangled with blues players in the box, it was inconspicuous, and we have not seen replays of it because (surprise surprise) they did not replay the incident on the big screens at eastlands - word is though that it wasn't a penalty. and maybe the game would of been different had tevez not score it, because blues looked like they could deal with the wave after wave of attacks man city came up with.

the goal shook the blues team up, and two minutes later man city got a corner, which was headed in by nedum onuoha - two nil city, blues deflated - you could really only see it being on eway teaffic from then on.

blues got a goal back though, in a nicely worked piece of play, a cross from mcfadden fell nicely onto jerome's head, who would have done well to miss from there, to net his tenth goal of the season. and then there was abit of belief, if we could get to half time like that, then maybe the second half we could get a draw out of the game. sadly, with blues fans still celebrating, maik taylor decided to be a defender, came out to the by-line, and city restored their two goal advantage through adebayor.

half time: manchester city 3-1 birmingham city

blues certainly didn't give up with a fight, becuase for the majority of the second half, we were on the up and attacking. city were backing off, and we had most of the possession. we just failed to do what we've failed to do all season - score enough goals. we have the possession, but just getting the ball into the back of the net has ben a real probelm all season, which is why we're thankful for how good our defence has been this season. unfortuntatly neither really did their best today, as onuha played a one wo off barry ferguson's leg, and ran through our defence without a challenge being put in and netted this second, and city's fourth, of the game.

he game was pretty much over by then, but adebayor had the last say and really rubber-stamped the three points in style by scoring the fifth goal for city. just what scott dann was waiting for i do not know. i think it's best not to ask.

i think the less said about this game the better. i don't think the score line was fair on blues, but with the amount of mistakes we made i guess we brought it on ourselves. it's no shame in losing at eastlands though, city have proved very tough to beat at home and have a brilliant strike force, however their defence has been their weak point this season, something which we didn't take advantage of.

full time: manchester city 5-1 birmingham city

i hope the score doesn't stay too long in the minds of the blues players, i think and hope will have forgotten about it by the morning

next up; hull city at home - 17/04/10

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