Sunday, 12 September 2010

To sumarise...

Writing a match report for every game is starting to get a bit boring, so I’ve decided to vary it now. Today I am doing ‘Ten things we learnt today’ - Enjoy!

1. Gone are the days that Liverpool can just turn up and expect to beat teams. If I had to describe them inn one word, it would be ‘ordinary.’ they’re not better than us right now, in fact if you looked at results and the table, we are better than them at this moment in time. They are rather lacklusture, and simply create too little to be competing with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United.

2. Also, gone are the days where you can walk out the ground after drawing against Liverpool being happy and content with a point. I was disappointed. Honest to God, I was disappointed because we could, and should, have won that.

3. It comes to something when Liverpool have to dive to try and beat you. Lucas being the main culprit. I can see why Liverpool fans don’t like him much; he spent more time diving today than Tom Daley.

4. I’m not sure what it is, but we always seem to be able to nullify Torres when he plays against us. We are the only team Fernando Torres has faced more than once in the Premier league and never scored against. Nice fact for you there. Like last season, Roger Johnson had him in his back pocket today; Fernando Torres was his bitch. It was lovely to watch.

5. Which brings me onto the Roger and Scott for England campaign: Matty Upson and Joleon Lescott are still getting called up. Tell me why this is. Of corse I’m being biased, but tell me two English central defenders, right now, that are better than Dann and Johnson. Today, they were both superb. Absolutely superb.

6. Pepe Reina is brilliant. Without him today, Liverpool would most definitely have lost. The saves he made in the first half, especially from Jerome’s header, were really, really good. At the moment, he’s their best player. Which speaks volumes considering he is their goalkeeper.

7. The best thing Aston Villa ever did (except put Enckleman in goal) was sell us Craig Gardner. I would right a personal letter of thanks to Randy and co. but I wouldn’t want to waste my money on a stamp.

8. The same can be said for Rangers selling us Barry Ferguson. For me, he was probably man of the match today. He is a midfield genius. Everything just revolves around him, and I hope to God he’s at Blues until the end of his career.

9. James McFadden is not lazy. Please, lets stop labeling him as this, because he is a class player. He really is, and today he showed this class. Yes, we wish he’d do it all the time, but that’s what you get with James McFadden: he picks his moments, and today was one of those moments.

10. No team comes to St. Andrews expecting to win anymore. I said at the start this was ’10 things we learnt today’ when in fact I’m saying this and we already knew it, but I’m pointing it out again for the benefit of any fan that thinks otherwise: we will grind and grind and block and block and push and push until those 90 plus minutes are up. The fans will sing their hearts out, taunt your players and make fortress St. Andrews live up to it’s name. You can’t go there expecting to win, in fact, you’re lucky to come away with just a point nowadays, like Liverpool were today. Nearly a year unbeaten at home now, I wonder how long we can go on this run for…

Full Time: Birmingham City 0-0 Liverpool

Footnote: after proof reading I’ve realised how biased this is. Oh well, it’s a different kind of bias to that you witness on the BBC, so I’d be grateful if I were you.

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