Saturday, 12 October 2013

So, I've not been posting much lately...


In fact, I've not posted anything for over a month. Oops.

I've had a very hectic past month though, getting ready to move back to university, actually moving into my new house, starting lectures again and of course freshers' week, which managed to be even better than last year! Probably due to the fact we are hardcore drinkers this time round, and completely used to the whole hangover thing... (drink through it, freshers, drink through it.)

I've been spending my weekends watching Blues, as per usual, and my weeks getting used to being back in Leicester, getting drunk and - of course - actually doing some work. Speaking of which, my second year at university is definitely shaping up to be better than my first. Harder work, but something that's a welcomed change.

I've also got a lot more involved in Demon Media - my university's newspaper, website etc... - which is one reason why I've not been uploading much on here.

Basically, anything review and gigs related will now be posted solely HERE - so that my content is unique to Demon Media. I'll tweet the link whenever I post anything on there and it'd be great if you could read that, and my fellow music teams' articles that I tweet about too!

After a busy few weeks - including my birthday - my life will thankfully be back to complete normality (or so I hope) by next week, so I hope to start blogging again more regularly. I have a couple of Blues-related posts in mind, so watch out for them and I'd appreciate it if you'd give them a read.

Other than that, that's pretty much it. Make sure you check out all our hard work going on over at - the best student media in the UK (just saying, not like we bring this up at every given opportunity...)

Thanks for those who keep reading the stuff I post by the way, it's really appreciated that you actually read my ramblings. Also thanks for all your kind words over the *almost* four years since I started this blog. When I started it I didn't imagine it'd get me to where I am now!

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