Monday, 14 October 2013

Tales to inspire

There’s a part about my slightly (I say only slightly because I’m more confident now) introverted personality that I quite enjoy, and that’s how much I love to listen to people. I will quite happily sit there and listen to peoples’ stories, without having much input of my own, and just take in what they’re saying. In particular, there’s something about people who can inspire with their words.

There’s something about people with stories; people who have travelled and have so many different life experiences, that have been borne out of their quest for something, be it a career or a lifestyle.

These type of people captivate me, and I am left there staring at them and probably making them quite scared with my facial expression.

Either that or they like it because I’m one of the people who actually want to listen!

The other night I was lucky enough (thanks to my incredible little sister) to be able to go and see Passenger’s sold out show at the O2 Academy in Birmingham.

And, aside from his incredible singing talent, the aspect I enjoyed most of his gig was how much he interacted with the crowd and just told us stories.

In between every song, he spoke to us. The little anecdotes of his time on the road, travelling to different places, life experiences he’s had busking, playing tiny venues, the people he’s met. He had me, and it’s safe to say pretty much everyone in the room, completely silenced and moreover entirely captivated with what he was saying.

I just found it extremely fascinating that one man has done so much in his life, and I also feel a sense of pride for him for sticking at what he wanted to do, going through all that, and now doing what he loves and performing to venues packed to the rafters just for him.

One thing I was unaware I’d get from that night, was inspiration. I know how much Mike (Rosenberg – Passenger) has gone through to get where he wanted to be with his music career, but it just made me think a lot more about the dedication of some people to get what they want.

It made me think of the career I want and the life I want for myself. It made me think too, of just how much I want it, and, how even if I have to go through copious amounts of shit to get there, I’m prepared to do it.

I’m glad there are people out there like Mike who are living proof that hard work and serious dedication pays off, and not only that, but they have these incredible stories – a mixture of both good and bad – of their journey to get there. I know my story won't be anywhere near as exciting as his, but I hope to at least have a story.

So, not only did I get to go to a gig for my birthday, I also got a nice little life lesson. If anyone is thinking of 21st birthday presents for me already, organising a one on one chat over a pint with Mike would be favourite…

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