Friday, 31 January 2014

2014 Ones To Watch: Circa Waves

If you read my blog post last Friday you’ll know I have decided to write a weekly feature about bands and artists I think you should be on the lookout for in 2014.

My first blog looked at Bipolar Sunshine, and you can read what I have to say about Adio Marchant’s solo project here.

This week I decided to talk about Circa Waves; a recently formed band who are set for a big debut year…

It would be oh so cliché of me to use some kind of ‘making waves’ pun to describe newly formed band Circa Waves. But making waves is exactly what the four-piece intend to do this year, after catching the attention of the right people in the music industry in late 2013.

Hailing from Liverpool, the quartet in the form of Keiran Shuddall (vocals and guitar), Joe Falconer (guitar), Sam Rourke (bass) and Sian Plummer (drums) was formed by Keiran just nine months ago through his overwhelming desire to be in a band.

After being part of bands but not really getting anywhere, the 26-year-old decided to make a real go at being noticed and recorded a demo – playing all the instruments himself – and uploaded it online. The magic of the internet soon prevailed; Keiran had people hooked and gig requests flying in. Now he just needed a band.

The demo ‘Young Chasers’ allowed him to recruit Joe, Sam and Sian and from there they formed Circa Waves; with a sound reminiscent of the noughties indie era, influenced most profoundly by bands such as The Libertines and The Strokes and being compared more contemporarily to The Vaccines.

The band have so far released two songs

Circa Waves are now in the stages of recording their debut album, with vocalist Keiran telling NME Magazine “at the moment, I only write things that could be singles.”

For some this may seem like a big statement to make, but the material released by the four-piece thus far supports this claim. ‘Get Away’ and ‘Good For Me’ are both stunning singles; brimming with guitars and an upbeat, bright sound that the band must be hoping will go hand in hand with their bright future ahead.

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