Friday, 7 February 2014

2014 Ones To Watch: The Family Rain

In a week which has seen the release of their debut album, I decided it would only be right for my 2014 Ones To Watch this week to focus on The Family Rain…

Will, Ollie and Tim Walker, otherwise known as The Family Rain, are an all-brother trio who last year began to bed themselves further into the industry and showcase their energetic music in what has been a quick yet deserved climb up the music ladder.

Formed in 2011 after a fairly unsuccessful attempt as a band named ‘The Rock Pirates,’ the brothers released their debut single ‘Trust Me…I’m A Genius’ in late 2012 which was their first step in putting their name out there and getting noticed.

Catching attention is certainly vital in the early stages of a band’s career, and luckily for the Bath-based band 2013 was a year which saw them catch the eye of the right people in the music game; namely those who enlisted them as support acts on their respective tours, such as Miles Kane, Jake Bugg, the Courteeners and Willy Moon.

The brothers finally released their debut album this week
And if the release of their debut EP ‘Pushing It’ in May wasn’t enough to gauge interest of the up and coming band, their most notable support slot to date definitely will have turned some heads, when they opened for The Rolling Stones at their Hyde Park gig in July.

Appearances at a handful of festivals – such as Reading and Leeds and Latitude – were a given; allowing the brothers to create a real buzz around their blues-rock sound and aiding them in gathering a fan base who have patiently waited for the release of their debut album, which finally arrived this week (February 3) entitled ‘Under The Volcano.’

This rapid rise to fame is certainly an achievement The Family Rain can be proud of, but it will be up to the trio to sustain this in 2014, with ‘Under The Volcano’ giving them the perfect platform with which to do so.

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