Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Promo Time! The RnR Diaries Update

The Rock 'n' Roll Diaries is set to be released in two days, and author Jamie Scallion and his army of Rock n Rollers are out in full force to make sure the book is a hit.

Charting the story of a band’s journey to potential stardom, the lighthearted and quirky book is out in full on Amazon Kindle this Friday. So far, Jamie has – ever so kindly – released the first few chapters for free in order to give everyone a taste of what’s to come, as well as releasing some of the demo clips which accompany the book to listen to.

If you want to read – and hear – what the book has to offer, then the free chapters and the songs are both available to download from by subscribing to the mailing list.

As well as this, a music video is going to be made for one of the band’s songs and thanks to the wonder that is social media, Jamie and The Script boys have decided to get people involved. They want you to film your greatest rock’n’roll moment, and the best ones will be chosen for The RockAteers first ever music video, with the best one winning a signed guitar!

Head over to Facebook, Twitter, etc. to enter yours!

To give you some ideas (and a few laughs) here’s Jamie and The Script with their finest rock'n'roll moments...

I know I’ve waxed lyrical both here and on Twitter about the RnR Diaries, but it’s truly a really unique project that I’m happy to be involved in, and I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy of it.

If you’re interested too, then head over to Amazon to pre-order the book for your Kindle (for just £1.99!) or if you just want to find out more then Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the website will have all your answers.

Happy reading (and listening!) check out the new trailer for the book here:

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