Monday, 19 August 2013

Review: The Rock 'n' Roll Diaries (Making It)

Undeniably unique and sensationally witty, ’Making It’ is the first novel in the Rock’n’Roll Diaries series by Jamie Scallion and it certainly strikes a chord with lovers of music and bands, with a tale of an unbound desire to succeed.

Forming a band to initially capture the heart of school-stunner Bex, front man and egotistical Burt gets the help of confused drummer Clipper, bad-boy bass-player Tea, and introvert guitarist Egg, and although polar opposites, the four misfits have one thing in common: their will to become the biggest rock band on the planet.

Through diary entries and straight-forward prose, Jamie’s expert writing style gets you into the minds of all four characters, sharing the journey with each of them as they not only find their feet in the manic world of the music industry, but discover their own, distinctive personalities as well.

Their differences cause obvious rifts in the band but their craving for success is one thing that refuses to waver, allowing the foursome to conquer even the most unexpected of challenges on their climb to the summit of stardom.

From the off The RockAteers are a serious hit; gaining an ardent fan base and catching the eye of some of music’s biggest moguls meaning the young band have some tough decisions to make early on in their careers. What began as a project to win the heart of a girl turns into a serious quest for rock’n’roll fame, with more than one music company trying to win them over and get them to sign the all-important contract.

The seriousness of some of the storylines aren’t lost in the humor, making the novel hard-hitting at times in an otherwise quirky tale of ups, downs and a serious amount of rock’n’roll.

The Rock’n’ Roll Diaries (Making It) is the first in a series of novels about the rock band, and is now available to download exclusively to your Kindle at the price of £3.99, or look out for more free chapters in the near future on

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